Animal Behavior (BIOL 330)

As expected, this course focuses on the physiological, ecological, and evolutionary processes that explain the diversity of animal behavior.  However, we spend a lot of time talking about the evolutionary basis of human behavior. In addition to the core topics in Animal Behavior, we also discuss the evolution of religion, sexual signaling in humans, and evolutionary constraints to human responses to our global environmental crisis. To get information about some of the cool studies we talk about, check out the class facebook page (UST Animal Behavior 2014)

Biology of Sustainability (BIOL 209)

This course explores global  issues at the interface of biology and society. Specific topics include: climate change and nutrient cycling, endocrine disruptors, global health, and challenges for global agriculture.  We employ a variety of approaches in addressing these issues such as examination of case studies, analysis of primary literature, and class discussions of problems that require application of knowledge.  Students work together in small groups to discuss assigned problems and questions and to prepare presentations on papers from the primary literature. To get a sense of some of the topics we cover, check out the class facebook page (UST BIOL 209 Biology of sustainability 2013)

Introduction to Field Ecology (BIOL 211)

Palo Verde, Costa RicaThis course is a 4-week-long field course in Costa Rica. It focuses on independent field projects at various ecological field stations around the country. Students in small groups get to devise, design, and execute their own project. It is a lot of work and a lot of fun. We have multiple blog posts about this class on the UST Biology Department blog, Biophilia.


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